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Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen

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Zig Zag Card

It is possible if the card was cut into three pieces. And you can see right through where the middle of the card should be. The performer pushes back the center and removes the card. And it is found to be perfectly intact!

Clear Penitration

Magician pushes a pencil between the card & sheet. The card supposed to be damaged. But when magician removes the card it is unharmed & intact!

Cups & Balls

Cups & Balls is one of Oldests Classic Magic Trick.Using these Cups magician produces fruits, small onions, or even a toffie.!

Magic Hatchery

Magican shows two round empty tray. with a cover You are magically appeared a small egg ! The trick ends in a surprise when the small egg actually turns into a fully grown hen! !

Sucker Die Box

The SUCKER DIE BOX, an excellent & classic magic trick.The Wonderful "sucker" effect- they think they know the secret to what you are doing, but it turns out they are wrong!you open the right side AND the left side doors- the die has indeed vanished! And you produce the die from the hat that was sitting on your table all along!

Square & Square

This is a well-known classic of magic! A decorative box and a colorful tube are shown individually empty and unprepared. They are assembled upon a base, the tube within the box. Immediately, a substantial production of silks is made!